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The Barn Surgeon: D-Sample Chapter

They went back to the house. There was better than six inches of snow and the salt trucks were out in tandem. Gretta told Ryan that schools were closed, that’s why Myra had not gone to school, and the subject was suspended.

Ryan wanted to go back at visiting time to see Sally at the jail, but Gretta insisted they spend a little time together first. He had been so tired and worried last night…

Ryan got coffee and Gretta led him back to their room. He sat on the bed.

“You look tired, dear,” Gretta said. She kissed him and sat in his lap. He smiled at her and threw an arm around her. Myra was watching TV in the living room and eating something, things she never got to do just any time, or a lot of times. “Just a minute,” she said and stepped out of the room. She was gone for a minute.

Ryan heard a door shut across the hall as he finished his coffee and set the cup on the side table.

Gretta returned with a big smile, shut the door and took off her top while smiling teasingly at Ryan. He was the one that usually made advances, but this time she surprised him. She sat back in his lap and pushed him down on the bed. Ryan began to wake up from the Kayla and Sally gloom and came around. He had almost forgotten he was home with Gretta and the missing Kayla was still worrying him. But if Gretta wanted him, it was a good thing. He had missed her a lot, too.

She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him, then rolled on top of him. “I am so glad you are home, sweet bear,” she said. “I wish you didn’t go back ever.”

“Me too, baby. I think I’ll quit and find me another job. I want to be home with you all the time.”

“I can’t wait. I hate it when you leave. All those long, lonesome nights wondering when you’ll ever get back.”

“It almost kills me to be gone.” He kissed her and rubbed her back.

Gretta kissed him again and stood up. “To celebrate your return, I have a new surprise trick. You just be good, okay?”

“What’s that, baby?”

She was already dropping her skirt. He watched her, then lay back curious, but enjoying the rare attention from the usually reserved Gretta. She must be finally coming around, he thought. Time heals all things.

Gretta was instantly nude. She knelt on the bed and rubbed him again. He took her down and pushed to roll her over, but she resisted.

“Not so fast, my sweet bear,” she said. “I am in charge this time. Just be patient.” She kissed him again, then removed his shirt and jeans, watching him with a sensuous smile. He lay back, just contented to wait. She wasn’t going anywhere.

“Shhh,” she motioned with her finger and stood again, crossed the room and picked out something from her top dresser drawer. She sat on the bed again and began to stroke his hairy belly. Ryan closed his eyes. “You are my sweet prisoner and I am in charge all the way,” she whispered. “Not a move, okay?”

“Whatever you say, dear” Ryan said, his heart rate picking up.

“Good, there you go,” she said as she snapped a handcuff on his wrist and locked it on the bedpost. “I’ll be in charge of your life, and do to you whatever I wish, for my pleasure.”

Ryan sat up, surprised at the cold cuff. He looked at her smiling face and beautiful big, blue eyes, then relaxed back on the bed. It was all part of the game. She took another manacle and cuffed his other arm against the bedpost, then kissed him deeply and stood surveying her catch.

“Be patient, my dear,” she said. She brought out leg manacles and chained him to the bed. He lifted his head, a little uncertain, but her nude figure and sensuous smile intrigued him.  He relaxed again.

From under the bed, she dragged out a rectangular travel case and proceeded to turn the combination lock. Ryan had never seen it before. He couldn’t hold his curiosity any longer.

“And what’s that, my dear?” Ryan asked, smiling with apparent intrigue.

“This is the best part. Just you wait, okay?”

“Whatever you say. I’m your prisoner.”

“Right. I promise you will not want this to end. You have never seen anything like it.”

Gretta opened the case and set it on top of the dresser. She removed several packs about the size of pie dishes wrapped in green cloth, laid some on the dresser beside the case and some on a sidetable.

“What’s all that stuff for?” Ryan asked with a puzzled look.

“They are just part of the pleasure game, dear. We are about to begin.”

“Wow, is that how it works?”

“It works the way I want it to work. You are a prisoner, so just be quiet.” She smiled and winked at him. Gretta opened her closet door and retrieved a small travel case and set it on the floor. She opened it quickly as Ryan watched with an uncertain puzzled frown, and fished out a complete set of green surgical scrubs and fresh underwear. She dressed quickly.

“Baby, could you tell me a little how it works?” Ryan asked, his concern registering in his voice. “I’m sorry, this is all new to me.”

Gretta turned to him slowly. Her smile was gone and her eyes seemed different. “I am not Baby,” a deeper, older voice said. “I am Gretta. Please remain quiet.”

“But…what are you doing?” Ryan asked, alarmed, beginning to squirm on the bed.

In answer, Gretta opened a small plastic box sitting on top of the dresser and retrieved a vial bottle, then found a fresh syringe and needle, and proceeded to fill it up from the vile while keeping her back toward Ryan, ignoring his questions. Then she turned to him holding up the syringe, pushing the piston and squirting a little off in the air.

Ryan sat up suddenly, but was jerked back by the tight cuffs. “What are you doing?” he demanded.

Gretta sat on the bedside.

She was no longer smiling.

Her facial complexion had suddenly changed to an older woman’s, her eyes seemed different, and the voice that spoke was strange, one Ryan had heard before only when she was having a nightmare. “Where is the diary?” the strange-looking Gretta said. She looked older, almost like Sally.

“Oh, my…God,” Ryan breathed out a worried sigh, and licked his mouth, trying to sit up, his eyes wild.

“Where is the little book?” Gretta asked. “Gretta wants her book. I have come to get it for her. Tell me where you hid it.”

“What…what book are you talking about?” Ryan asked, his voice rising. “What the hell is the matter with you Gretta? “Stop it!” he yelled.

“Shut up!” Gretta hissed, her eyes now green, cold and hard. “Just tell me where the book is.”

“What’s your problem? What book? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Then you have just a few seconds and you will have to join them.”

“Join who? Who are you, anyway?” Ryan demanded, looking around as though assessing the weight of the bed. “Let me loose. Now!” Ryan yelled, trying to shake the bed.

The woman ignored him, stepped over to the dresser again and put on a surgical mask and gloves as Ryan watched in delayed denial, terror building up. He was contemplating trying to flip over the bed, a lot of questions, snatches of past memories and glimpses tumbling in his mind. Then Gretta whirled, returning with the menacing syringe filled with whatever it contained. He couldn’t guess.

 “I’m sorry, Ryan Conley,” she said menacingly, sitting back on the side of the bed. “All those who hurt Gretta Allen must pay. I am her guardian, her avenger, and you must be sanctified from your errors. Gretta loves you, but you know too much from the diary.”

“What the hell is this?” Ryan yelled again as the woman leaned over his torso, looking down at him with green eyes. She reached over and patted his right arm twice above the elbow with her fingers to raise the vein. “NO!” Ryan yelled.

She sat back again. “You can still tell me where the book is, Ryan Conley,” the Gretta-guardian said, glaring at him with glittering, depthless, cold eyes. “If not, you will be punished.”

Ryan stopped wiggling the restraints as he tried to think and buy time. If…where was Myra? He had left her watching TV. He wanted to call her, but with the door closed and TV going, she probably couldn’t hear him. Beads of perspiration broke on his face and he licked his lips. He was realizing a lot of things all at once.

He was about to die.

Gretta found some duct tape and slapped it on his mouth as he squirmed and tried to bite her, but his reach was poor with the cuffs on. She added a second piece, then picked up the syringe.

She patted the spot just above his elbow and bore down with the needle, sticking it carefully into the vein, and put her thumb on the plunger.

Then the bedroom window suddenly slid open upward…..


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